Hisham Al-Asri publishes his fifth novel, titled “Big Data Jihad” – today 24

Director and writer Hisham Al-Asri continues his literary activity with the release of his new fifth novel, titled “Big Data Jihad” and its original title is “Big Data Jihad”, in which he talks about love and disaster in the digital world.

The novel tells of a catastrophe in the virtual world, a love story in the digital world, a god who considers only the tears of women, and a humanity rooted in “the fear that is the salt of the modern world”, a story of the antithesis of a hero, who sabotages the Internet to avenge the impact of his immigration, without knowing all the police in the world, how and why not.

Hisham Al-Asri’s last novel in 2021 was titled “The Effect of Satan” or “L’effet Lucifer.” The novel was published in French, where the writer said about it: “It is a dialogue between the angels of the right and the left that records the good and bad actions of man.” A dialogue woven in the author’s imagination to take the reader to vast real and imaginary worlds, in which angels of both types are found, to find a way to deal with the human being through his principles and his bad and good ideas. .