The scarcity of water and the drought mobilize the heads of the regions to implement immediate measures to provide water to the population and their livestock – today 24

The heads of the regions held an emergency meeting at the headquarters of their association in Rabat, dedicated to discussing the situation of drought and the lack of water resources in the different regions of the Kingdom due to the lack of rain this year.

Those responsible for the councils of the regions addressed the reflection of the water crisis on the situation of the agricultural and livestock sector, calling for the need to supply the drinking water needs of the population and livestock.

The Association of Heads of Regions revealed, in a statement, that its councils have allocated a significant budget, in alliance with the relevant sectors, to reduce the water scarcity crisis at the regional, rural and urban levels.

The heads of the regions exchanged views and shared solutions that can be adopted to reduce the drought crisis, which can have direct positive effects on the water supply to the population.

The attendees called for the concertation of efforts between the regions within the framework of the Association of the Regions of Morocco, greater coordination within the framework of solidarity and integration between the regions, as well as coordination with the government to find radical solutions and structural. and expedite the adoption of immediate and urgent measures to provide drinking water to the population and livestock.

The heads of the regions are preparing to hold a meeting with the government, in order to seek solutions to overcome the repercussions of the drought and the problem of severe water scarcity in general, and to study the optimal methodology to activate the procedures and recommendations to solve this dilemma

It is also the meeting in which the simplification of administrative procedures was requested to urgently and quickly execute projects related to water.