The scarcity of water takes out a roundabout to protest in Taounate – today 24

Dozens of residents of Douar Al-Makhafia, in the Tawat district of Taounate, came out on Wednesday to protest against the worsening water crisis in the roundabout.

The protesters said, in a petition that “Al-Youm 24” received a copy of, that the citizens demand the restoration of a public shower from which they were supplied with drinking water from the Anzart sources.

The citizens added that the roundabout had benefited from irrigation since the 1960s, and this matter favored the opposite migration from the cities to the town, and that the residents of the roundabout had a great advantage in passing the water canals towards the purification of the markets, where they contributed their hands and their lands without compensation from any party.

In this context, Sufian Abu Yala, an activist of the group and a member of the management office of the Ajyal Wargha – Ajwad Association, said that the leader of the Tamdit group received a representative of the citizens and interacted with his lawsuit file, but the The group’s officials did not appear to them and added, in relation to “The 24th”, in an angry tone: “People are dying of thirst and the officials are tourism.”