The weather on Thursday… the temperature rises again in various regions of the Kingdom – today 24

The General Directorate of Meteorology expects temperatures to rise slightly during the day on Thursday, as the weather will be relatively warm in several regions of the country, including the extreme southeast, east and south of the southern provinces. Wadi Moulouya, as well as the plains west of the Atlas.

The formation of low and dense clouds with very light and local rains will be observed in Tangier, Lokos, the Mediterranean and the north-west of the southern provinces.

Masses of fog will also form over some of the northern and central Atlantic Ocean plains, while a few drops of rain or some thunder will fall, which will be accompanied by gusts of wind over the heights of the Atlas and the adjacent western regions, the south – Eastern slopes, the eastern region and the countryside, and will extend during the following night to the Mediterranean coasts and the northern plains.

The sky will be cloudy at times in the east of the southern provinces, with the appearance of scattered thunder, as well as the spread of dust in the south and southeast of the country, registering some strong winds on the southern coasts.

The minimum temperatures will range between 25 and 32 degrees in the east and south of the desert regions, south of the eastern and southeastern regions of the country, and between 22 and 26 degrees in the Mediterranean, and in the north of the eastern region. , east of Sais, Tadla and Tensift, and will be between 16 and 23 degrees in the rest of the kingdom.

As for the sea, it will be a bit choppy on the Mediterranean front, and calm to a bit choppy in Boughaz and between Tangier and Casablanca, and a bit choppy to choppy between Casablanca and Boujdour, while it will be choppy on the rest of the coasts.