After canceling the Fez-Taounat highway deuteration agreement, the Ministry of Equipment and Water breaks the silence – today 24

After announcing the cancellation of the contract for the National Highway No. 8 project between Fez and Taounate, the Ministry of Equipment and Water returned, once again, to announce a new date for the opening of the envelopes.

According to the Ministry’s decision, which is being discussed by the Taounate activities, the opening date of the envelopes will be September 26 next month, and is related to the works of the national route No. 8 from the point kilometric. 805+000 to kilometer point 789+000 at a distance of 16 kilometers.

The envelope opening committee is made up of the regional director of equipment and water, his deputy, the head of the department of administration and programs and other parties, including a representative of the Treasurer General of the Kingdom and a representative of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

It should be noted that the Regional Directorate of Equipment and Water of Taounate announced the date of July 26 to open the envelopes of the competitors, to the surprise of public opinion due to another decision to cancel the treatment of the road section project in its first part, and announcing a new date for the opening of the envelopes of the contestants.