Hajar Adnan flirts with his lover “Honey” – today 24

Moroccan singer Hajar Adnan continues to post songs she wrote and composed, this time titled “La Miel”, which she released on her official YouTube channel.

This time, Adnan also drew on the Moroccan wedding “style” and Moroccan traditions, through the song’s lyrics, music, and accompanying imagery, as his audience got used to that through his previous songs “Mall of Al-Jabador” and “The Ring”.

Hajar Adnan dealt with the musical arrangement with Adel Al-Khelaifi, under the direction of Imad Al-Najlani’s business, where he flirted with the song “Honey” with his lover and invited him to speed up their engagement before it is too late.

The last work of the Moroccan artist, Hajar Adnan, was the song “Al Jabador”, in which she was not based on the video clip either, but was content with expressive images, since she kept writing and composed her words like her. first experience in that, in which she talked about the Moroccan man who wears traditional dress, and dealt with the dealer Bader Al-Khaluki.