Hamza Al-Filali reveals the suffering he went through after his divorce 3 times – today 24

The Moroccan humorist Hamza Filali chose the report “Al-Asturi” through his official account on “Instagram” to express what he thinks of himself after his third divorce, where he spoke with his followers in a video clip about the suffering he suffered. faced. by people who passed through his life.

Al-Filali shared with his fans advice that he deduced from his personal experiences, especially after his divorce from his second wife, where he said: “One of the advice, my brother, for me, you accepted from me… See Fahd Al-Dunya and brother Deir with regret for me, and brother What did you learn?

Hamza Al-Filali added in the video: Gadi is coming, one day, you are disappointed, Gadi is coming one day, Gadi, you hear a rose in your head, what is it, Dakshi? Well, but the first thing is your head Buy your head and that of your parents.