Kazem El-Saher is exposed to an embarrassing situation at the opera festival in Egypt – today 24

Iraqi star Kazem El-Saher was exposed to an embarrassing situation after a fan broke into the Nafoura Theater at the Egyptian Opera House while he was performing a concert there.

Lady Kazem, the vigilante, hugged her audience in a wild way, expressing her love and admiration for him, which led him to stop singing and try to fulfill her request, preventing the security forces from interfering, since she took several photos and videos with him.

The fan provoked the interaction of a large number of pioneers on social networks, some expressing their anger at what she did and calling it “crazy”, while others sympathized with her because she admired the artist and his songs.

It should be noted that the Tsar, Kazem El-Saher, returned to Egypt again after an absence of 13 years, to revive an artistic concert at the Opera House, where he stipulated that the organizing company of the concert become professionally worthy of its history. . and artistic status in Egypt.