Lawyers sound the alarm about the neglect of the fire extinguishing system in the industrial areas of Marrakech – Hoy 24

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights warned of the danger of neglecting the infrastructure associated with the fire fighting system in the city of Marrakech and its suburbs and in the heart of its industrial areas.

In order to guarantee the lives of workers, workers and the population in general and their right to physical security and the preservation of property, the Moroccan Association for Human Rights urged the Manara branch of the competent authorities to accelerate the maintenance of the public firefighting network and its monitoring patrol, and create a mechanism to ensure the sustainability of its operation.

In a statement, the association’s lawyers demanded that the network circulate in the Harbil industrial district and industrial clusters throughout its presence, and that the shortage at this level be remedied with a set of residential fragmentation, asking the competent authorities to monitor security. conditions of all industrial units and the extent to which operators respect the safety conditions of workers within industrial units and comply with laws related to safety and fire protection to ensure the safety of employees.

The Moroccan Association for Human Rights, Al-Manara Branch, Marrakech, expressed concern about the continued neglect and neglect at the infrastructure network level related to the firefighting system.

After a fire broke out inside the upper building of an industrial and service unit, civil protection forces were forced to drag water hoses long distances from the scene of the incident, after discovering the matter at the time of the incident. fire, and that the water pumping pipes on public roads are not usable, which reveals the absence of continuous monitoring patrols, and that this process is not activated, and it is possible that other numbers of them are disabled.

On June 17, the association registered the start of a fire in two factories in the Harbil industrial estate, and also verified the total absence of the water supply infrastructure to completely extinguish the fires in the entire area, which it extends over dozens of hectares and includes hundreds of industrial buildings, from which residential homes with a total of land are not spared The city of Marrakech, where the necessary means to help control a fire in the event of an outbreak are lacking.