The Ministry of Marine Fisheries allows the collection and marketing of shellfish in Safi and Al-Jadida – Hoy 24

The Ministry of Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests announced, this Wednesday, the lifting of the ban on the collection and marketing of shellfish, in the cities of El Jadida and Asfi.
A statement issued by the Ministry of Marine Fisheries indicated that the lifting of the ban concerns the two areas classified as shellfish farms in “Sidi Daoud” of the city of El Jadida and “Cap Bdouza” of the city of Safi.
The same statement indicated that this decision was made based on the results of the analyzes carried out by the National Institute of Maritime Fishing Research, at the level of the two regions, which showed the stability of the marine environment, and a complete disinfection of shellfish in they.
The Ministry recommended that consumers of this type of marine product supply those packaged with health labels, which are marketed at authorized points of sale.
He pointed out that seafood sold in places without a license does not have sanitary guarantees, which represents a threat to the public health of citizens.