A fire devours an entire clothing store and causes panic in the population despite me – today 24

A fire broke out in a clothing store on Rabat street, in the center of Safi, near the Royal Cinema, which caused great material losses, but its owner survived after fleeing to the public road. Flames of fire and smoke were seen rising into the sky over Rabat Street from great distances from the city.

The incident caused great panic among neighbors, visitors and merchants, who protested the delay of the firefighters, before the security men who intervened to calm the situation arrived.

Al-Youm 24 sources estimated the size of the financial losses suffered by the owner of the burning store at 200 thousand dirhams (20 million cents).

The same sources said that the fire ignited and its flames spread very quickly with all the clothing as soon as the premises were lit and the electric cutter was opened, and the intensity of its ignition was increased by a large presence of plastic bags. .

Firefighters struggled to put out the fire after a group of other businesses on the street were damaged, and the flames from the fire moved towards them, causing no loss.