The earth “swallows” a liquid disinfection truck in Marrakech – today 24

A landslide accident in Marrakech revealed the weakness of the infrastructure, after a medium-sized truck fell into a hole that was largely formed after it stopped on one of the city’s streets on Friday morning.

According to available information, a crater near the security state of Marrakech in the Bab Al-Khamis region “swallowed” a tanker truck belonging to one of the departments in charge of liquid disinfection.

The driver of the aforementioned truck was surprised by a breakdown and an emergency stop as a result of his rear wheels sinking into a large pothole in the side lane of the road leading to the security state of Marrakech in the direction of Bab El Khamis and right in the direction of Bab Doukkala, before the latter swallowed the back of the truck due to its weight.