Zuhair El-Bahawi impresses the audience with a human step – today 24

Moroccan artist Zuhair El-Bahawi impressed his audience with a humanitarian step he took during his concert in Rabat.

Al-Bahawi posted a video clip on his official “Instagram” page, documenting the moment of his solidarity with the disabled young man and sharing his joy at seeing him live, while enjoying the song “The Second Face” in front of the audience of the Rabat city.

Zuhair El-Bahawi shared another video clip, in which he revealed the huge crowd that attended his concert, chanting the song “Decapitable” behind him, commenting, “A fantasy party with an imaginary audience.”

It should be noted that Moroccan artist Zuhair El-Bahawi’s latest work is a “single” titled “Karashi”, which garnered more than 8 million views a month after its release on his official YouTube channel.