A hired teacher was transferred to a sanatorium after losing consciousness during the sit-in of mathematics teachers in front of the Marrakech Academy – Today 24

One of the trainee teachers of the Mathematics Division of the 2022 regiment at the Safi Training Center transferred the sit-in for the sixth consecutive day at the headquarters of the Regional Academy of the Ministry of National Education Marrakech-Safi to a private clinic in Marrakech after to fall unconscious.

According to information obtained by “Al-Youm 24”, a teacher in training was taken by ambulance to a clinic in Marrakech, where an electrocardiogram was performed to diagnose his state of health, after fainting as a result of sitting in front of to the academy headquarters, in protest of what the protesters considered “a deposition for them” by the administration because of their struggles.”

The “National Coordination of Teachers Forced to Hire” revealed that one of the teachers in training, the Mathematics Division of the 2022 regiment, had fainted while protesting in front of the headquarters of the Regional Academy of Education and Training in Marrakech-Safi, Marrakech .

The same source added that after performing an electrocardiogram on the teacher in training who fainted inside the academy headquarters in Marrakech and examined by a doctor specializing in emergency medicine, it was found that his health is currently stable.