Associations issue a warning to the imam of a mosque, alleging that he “incited” young people not to carry out associative work – Hoy 24

The Federation of Textile Associations in Bansarkao Agroud and Agadir al-Mohit sent a warning to the imam of the Izdar roundabout mosque in the Bansarkao district regarding what they called an incitement to youth and residents of the region not to participate. in associative work.

And the federal government said in a correspondence that “Al-Youm 24” obtained a copy of, that it “sent a written warning to the imam of the mosque, who appeared in his last sermon last Friday, inciting the youth of the neighborhood and its residents do not carry out associative and cultural activities that serve the region and the public interest.” .

The associations saw the correspondence as a warning to the imam, asking him not to “repeat the use of the pulpit of our mosque to pass and deliver his individual messages.” According to correspondence.