Controversy for accusing judges and intermediary officials in judicial files in Agadir – Today 24

A text message circulating on social networks has sparked controversy over the explicit accusations made against several judges and judicial officials from the jurisdiction of the Agadir Appeals Chamber for their management and dissemination in popular files before the courts of Inezgane and Agadir.

The text message, of which the origin or identity of its owner is still unknown, referred to the nature of the recent transfers known by the Agadir Court of Appeals, considering that it was the cause of the spread of “injustice”. and corruption.” after a group of corrupt judicial officials arrived at the Judicial Department in Agadir.”

The same letter questioned “the nature of the dealings of prosecutorial officials in both Agadir and Inezgane with a series of court files, following the reappointment of the prosecutor general of the Agadir Court of Appeal, who acquired more than 10 years of experience. as deputy attorney general of Inezgane, through which he forged suspicious relationships with many of the Corruption bosses in the region -according to the letter-, reason for the strong diffusion of mediation in the courts of Inezgane and Agadir.

At a time when the news was circulating about the solutions of the National Chamber to investigate the matter, well-informed sources denied the news, considering that many of the accusations made by unknown persons against the family of judges in the region are nothing more than an attempt to confuse the work of the representatives of the Public Ministry and the judges of the Agadir Court of Appeals.

In relation to the issue, the head of the Bar Association of the Courts of Appeal of Agadir, Guelmim and El-Ayoun said that the authors of the defense letter (lawyers and lawyers) are the first to evaluate the judicial offer within of the courts in relation to the required service of the citizen, through a correspondence with him to the Attorney General in the Court of Cassation, President of the Public Ministry.

From this point of view, the correspondence, obtained today, 24, adds a copy of it, that the Committee of Lawyers of the Courts of Appeal of Agadir, El-Ayoun and Guelmim, confirms that “the Court of First Instance of Inzegane has begun to restore what is supposed to be a judicial building that extends over a geographical area with a significant population density, after the appointment of officials The current magistrates in it at the head of the court and the public ministry and the drafting of the proceedings. ”

The Bar Association denied the serious accusations circulating in the text message about the spread of mediation in the courts of Agadir and Inezgane, saying that “the Prosecutor’s Office of the Court of First Instance of Inezgane, as is the case of the Court of First Instance Instance of Agadir Instance, is following the path of the Prosecutor in the Court of Appeal of Agadir, By cutting with the brokerage pockets and extending the method of transparency and clarity in the study of the files, while adopting a positive communication with lawyers and lawyers.

The commission hoped that “this change will be a reason to anger the beneficiaries of the negative conditions that previously prevailed, by spreading a circulating publication through WhatsApp with gratuitous accusations and fabricating false facts, to seek to return the courts to the endemic. conditions from which they were recovered at the expense of justice and the rights of citizens”.