Hundreds of Sudanese support a political initiative supported by Al-Burhan, far from the opposition coalition – Today 24

Hundreds of Sudanese supporters gathered in Khartoum on Sunday for a political initiative backed by army chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, who carried out a military coup last year to end the political crisis in the country.

The initiative, known as “The Call of the People of Sudan,” sponsored by famed Sufi religious leader Al-Tayyib Al-Jedd and Dr. Badr, is the latest attempt to end political turmoil in Sudan, and it went well received by Al-Burhan at the end of last month.

The initiative conference was launched on Saturday, and Wad Badr said the initiative brought together nearly 120 political parties, including leaders of Sufi orders and tribal leaders.

The same leader said that it was an initiative aimed at tackling “economic deterioration” and “achieving peace and security”, and ensuring fair elections next year as scheduled.

He called for “mobilization” to support the army and other security forces to guarantee unity, and asked the armed groups that did not attend the conference to join the initiative “even if they are opponents or conservatives.”

Absent from the conference was the country’s main opposition coalition, the Forces of Freedom and Change, whose members were expelled from the transitional body in Burhan’s coup.

Also absent were members of the Resistance Committees, unofficial groups that emerged during the 2019 protests against former President Omar al-Bashir and regularly opposed the military coup during recent demonstrations.

Sudan, one of the poorest countries in the Arab world and mired in its political and economic crisis since the fall of former President Omar al-Bashir in 2019, has been in continuous turmoil since the military coup that took place on October 25.

This prompted Sudanese to demonstrate regularly ever since, demanding an end to military rule, with demonstrations often interrupted by violent clashes with security forces resulting in the deaths of 116 protesters, according to the Central Committee of Sudanese Doctors. against the blow.