The increase in the extension of forest fires in Europe and Spain among the most affected countries

The initial balance of the fires worsens in the European Union, where the flames have burned more than 660,000 hectares, a record for this period of the year since satellite data began to be recorded in 2006.

Since the beginning of 2022, fires have destroyed more than 662 hectares of forests in the European Union, according to data released this Sunday by the European Forest Fire Information System, which maintains comparable statistics since 2006 thanks to satellite images from the European Copernicus program. .

Spain registers the largest area of ​​burned land, followed by Romania (150,528 hectares), Portugal (75,277 hectares) and France (61,289 hectares).

“The year 2022 is already a record year” only for the summer period, Jesús San Miguel, coordinator of the European Forest Fire Information System, told AFP. The previous record in Europe dates from 2017, when fires destroyed 420,913 hectares on August 13 and 988,087 hectares in one year.

“I hope we don’t see a month similar to October of that year,” he added, when it destroyed 400,000 hectares across Europe in one month.

(Agency agencies).