The value of the dirham rose against the US dollar and fell against the euro (Bank Al-Maghrib) – today 24

Bank Al-Maghrib revealed that the value of the dirham increased by 0.28 percent against the US dollar and decreased by 0.12 percent against the euro, during the period from August 4 to 10.

The Central Bank indicated, in its last weekly bulletin, that during this period no bidding process was carried out in the foreign exchange market.

Official reserve assets amounted to AED331.1 billion on August 5, 2022, up 0.3 percent week-on-week and 10.1 percent on an annual basis.

During the same period, Bank Al-Maghrib injected a total of AED 108 billion, including AED 42.3 billion in the form of 7-day RFP advances, AED 38.6 billion in the form of repo transactions and AED 27 100 million dirhams in the framework of a support program Financing of very small, small and medium enterprises.

At the banking market level, the average daily trading volume amounted to 2.7 billion dirhams, while the banking average during this period was 1.5 percent on average.

During the August 9 call for proposals (due date August 10), Bank Al-Maghrib pumped out AED 39.7 billion in the form of 7-day advances.

As for the stock market, the “MASI” index rose 1.3 percent, raising its negative performance since the beginning of this year to 10.3 percent.

This weekly evolution mainly reflects an increase in the indicators of the food industry sectors by 2.4 percent, banks by 1.7 percent and “construction and building materials” by 1.4 percent. hundred.

And with 141106 GMT August 2022