“The Economist” is in the dock for publishing a photo of an Iraqi actress in a report on “obesity” – today 24

In the context of an article published by the British magazine “Economist” on obesity, accompanied by a photograph of an Iraqi actress, the latter decided to sue the magazine, demanding “an apology, financial compensation and rehabilitation”.

The aforementioned article described the Iraqi actress during her participation in the Babylon Festival in the fall of 2021 as a “full-fledged actress”.

The image, according to the same actress, was used in the context of “offensive to women” and constituted “an insult to Arab women and women in general, as if it were a question of exporting a distorted image of women in the world Arab”. and the obese.”

Talib added that he had “faced many abusive comments”, noting that this reflected “negatively” on his psychological condition and on his family members.

The aforementioned actress, whose name is “Enas Talib”, is 42 years old and the mother of two daughters, who has appeared on Iraqi screens since the 1990s, and has more than nine million followers on “Instagram”. .