3 members of Civil Protection die in the Al-Madiq forest fire

Yesterday, Monday, 3 members of Civil Protection were killed and two others were seriously injured when the vehicle in which they were traveling fell into a valley while they were carrying out their professional duty to fight the forest fire recorded in the “Kediyat Al-Tayfour” forest, located in the soil of the prefecture of M’diq-Fnideq.

The injured were transferred, according to local authorities, with the same worker to a specialized hospital unit in Tangier to receive the necessary treatment.

The forest fire, which broke out on Monday night, required the use of “Canader” aircraft specialized in extinguishing the fire, since the work of the intervention teams is still continuing with the aim of controlling the flames, limiting their spread and avoid the risks of its transmission to populated places.
According to preliminary estimates, the losses amounted to about 90 hectares of forest cover, adds the same source.

Preliminary investigations conducted in the context of this wildfire resulted in the arrest of 4 individuals suspected of being behind the arson.