A US court fines a Moroccan businesswoman with 500 million dollars in favor of her ex-husband

A US court (Connecticut Supreme Court) recently ruled that the Moroccan businesswoman Hind El-Achaby pay a fine of 500 million dollars in favor of her ex-husband, who is currently the Kuwaiti ambassador to Austria and his permanent representative before United Nations agencies. United in Vienna. .

The judicial dispute between the two parties, which lasted for five years, began with the presentation by the Kuwaiti diplomat of extortion cases worth hundreds of millions of dollars and the case of acknowledgment of filiation before courts of several countries, including Morocco.

Al-Ashabi served a two-year prison sentence at Al-Arjat Prison on charges of marital infidelity due to her accusation by the Kuwaiti ambassador of adultery and forgery, before being released in 2019.

Al-Ashabi stated that her relationship with her ex-husband ended years ago, and that she divorced him before marrying a Moroccan businessman (KB), while the Kuwaiti diplomat confirmed that on that date she still owed him, and that her marriage contract marriage that she made to the court was falsified.