Arrested a person defrauding citizens and in possession of administrative documents in Marrakech – Hoy 24

A source revealed that members of the Security Department 14 of the Security District of the city of Gueliz in Marrakech managed to arrest a person suspected of being involved in a fraud case yesterday.
The interests of the aforementioned department received a complaint in this regard against the affected, who was monitored and detained on Allal Al-Fassi street, near a public institution, since he deceived his victims among the escorts of his ability to provide assistance. mediating with them to expedite the process of obtaining the administrative documents related to them, of the aforementioned interests, in exchange for variable amounts of money depending on the type of assistance.
Continuing with the search, and in coordination with the competent Public Ministry, a legal search was carried out at the detainee’s home, which culminated in the location of documents belonging to the complainant and others belonging to other people who could also have been the object of fraud.
When the suspect was noted in the security database, it was found that he was being searched at the national level in order to issue a check without provision, to be referred to the State Department of Judicial Police in order to complete the procedural procedures and take to justice after being subjected to theoretical guard measures, according to the same source.