Mauritanian parliamentarians demand an apology from Raissouni for calling Mauritania a “historical mistake” – Hoy 24

The head of the Parliamentary Group for Mauritanian-Moroccan Friendship, Zainab El Taqi, asked the president of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Ahmed Raissouni, to apologize for his statements, which a statement issued by the same team described Parliament as “ extremely insulting to our country and outside the context of respect and consolidation of relations between the two countries, both popularly and officially.”

The aforementioned statements, in which Raissouni considered that the presence of Mauritania “constitutes an error”, considering that Morocco should return to what it was before the European invasion, does not differentiate and waits for people like him”.

It is noteworthy that Raissouni’s statements bring back the tape of the diplomatic crisis between Morocco and Mauritania that was provoked by the declarations of the former secretary general of the Independence Party, Hamid Shabat, made at the end of 2016, that “the separation which occurred in 1959 created a problem for Morocco, which is the establishment of the state of Mauritania”, before the King took the initiative, Mohamed VI called the Mauritanian president, and then sent the head of government, Abdelilah Benkirane, to meet with him and overcome the crisis.