Meknes security leaves three brothers in possession of cars, hashish and sums of money – today 24

Yesterday, Sunday, members of the state administration of the judicial police of the city of Meknes arrested three brothers, aged between 18 and 40, on suspicion of their involvement in a case related to theft inside homes and possession and distribution of narcotic and psychotropic drugs. substances

Meknes State Security Interests revealed that, during the past period, the police initiated procedures to inspect a cluster of thefts inside houses in various neighborhoods of the city.

The same agency added that the inspection carried out inside the house of the suspects resulted in the seizure of three cars and iron equipment used to break locks, as well as the seizure of four kilograms of cannabis and two documents of cars authorized to be stolen. , a sum of money of 24 million cents, and a set of personal effects obtained from robbery operations.

He and the suspects were kept in theoretical custody, subject to an investigation supervised by the competent Public Ministry, in order to clarify the circumstances and circumstances of this case, as well as to identify all the criminal acts attributed to those involved.