Muhammad Al-Turk apologizes to Donia Batma… No girl is upset with her father – today 24

After the media commotion caused by the Moroccan artist Donia Batma and her husband, Muhammad Al-Turk, due to the news of their separation and the fact that they stopped following each other through “Instagram”, the latter apologized directly to his wife in a post that wrote in “Al-Asturi”.

The dispute between the spouses was short-lived until Al-Turk began posting his apologies to the mother of his two daughters, and expressed his interest in her, describing their relationship with the relationship of the father and his daughter, indicating that nothing had changed. in her love for her.

And Muhammad Al-Turk wrote in a blog post on his official “Instagram” account: “It is common for men to apologize, even if you are not wrong.” she that there is no girl who gets angry with her father, and there is no girlfriend who cannot forgive her lover, there is no wife who can double the ten, and there is no mother who can forget her son. ”

On the same subject, Muhammad said: “You are my daughter, my friend and my wife, and I am your son. You are the one who was with me in the most difficult stages of my life, and I was your support, and I cannot forget .”

Muhammad Al-Turk flirted with his wife, Donia Batma, during the letter, saying: “You are the most beautiful rose in the garden of my life. I cannot make it wither. Forgiveness is generous. I look forward to you… I adore you.” .”

It should be noted that the Bahraini producer, Mohammed Al-Turk, aroused the curiosity of Moroccans after the posts he successively published through the report “Al-Asturi” through his official account on “Instagram”, through which expresses a dispute with his wife. , Moroccan artist Donia Batma, and the latter did not remain silent and began to spread gossip in turn. Images express betrayal and betrayal.