Nabek trade… Citizens who seek their sustenance among thorns – Hoy 24

Recently, income-generating activities have emerged, professionalized by citizens from the base of society, whose social circumstances led them to seek their livelihood among the thorns of Sidra, where competition is fiercer to collect sea buckthorn (K).

Along the road between Fez and Taounate, specifically in the Hayayneh area, young people, along with adults, line up and start waving sacks to attract travelers from National Route No. 8.

The children and villages of Hayyana take advantage of the summer holidays to collect nettle and sell it on the roads, this trade provides them with a profit margin that ranges between 50 and 100 dirhams per day, equivalent to 10 to 20 dirhams per bag.

Speaking to “Al-Youm 24”, (AK) from a mountain roundabout near Taounate, he confirmed that the beet trade began to receive great interest from desert people, and the reason for their appreciation is due to to the growing demand. for the cider fruit, and its use in medical and cosmetic prescriptions.

In the middle of the fields visited in the community of Bani Walid, some women from the village chose to penetrate among the thorns and start collecting the thorns, since their working day is about 4 hours a day, before carrying their bags on top of their animals. . , and return to their homes at noon.

The nabek trade is local, but in recent years local marketing has been leaving the cities of Fez, Tangier, Casablanca, Marrakech… Nabek bags are displayed on the streets and inside perfumeries, and Some dealers choose to sell on installments to provide a double profit margin.