Raissouni clarifies Day 24 regarding his statements on Mauritania and Tindouf. I spoke with the logic of history and Sharia, not with the logic of politics (audio recording) – Hoy 24

The head of the International Union of Muslim Scholars, Ahmed Raissouni, considered the reactions to his controversial statements about Mauritania’s historical connection with Morocco and his call to organize a march to Tindouf, as “statements that were in a valley while the campaign in his against developed. in another valley.”

Raissouni, who was speaking on the “Al-Youm 24” website, explained that he was speaking with the logic of history, Sharia and civilization, “on the other hand, the answers to him were with a political logic assumed by people with positions that began to develop.

He said: “There was no political calculation behind my statements”, noting that “he does not currently hold any political office and has no relationship with political office holders. He says: “I am not a party leader, prime minister, minister, ambassador or candidate for the elections”, emphasizing that he spoke logically. The story “as a researcher and it is enough”.

He added that if politics controls and directs, including colonial politics, which is under his auspices and in his embrace, I, praise God, am free from all that, which is why I spoke of the well-known historical relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and North Africa as a whole, and with Mauritania in particular.

Mauritania is currently, Raissouni underlines, “an independent country recognized by Morocco, and this is a matter for the politicians, who go ahead. I do not dispute it, which is what my statements said.”

As for his response to critics of his call to organize a march to Tindouf, he said: “The Moroccan people have the right to communicate with their brothers and sons detained in Tindouf”, and asked: “Why are they there? Who prevented them from joining their homeland, homes and tribes? .

Raissouni indicated that he was speaking with the logic of history and Sharia, “I am not the Minister of the Interior or Foreign Affairs to stop this”, and said that organizing this march “would end the myth of the Polisario”.

The Moroccans, Raissouni continues, “are ready to enter into a dialogue with the Algerians on the relationship between the two countries, and they are ready to engage with their brothers in Tindouf in a way that can put an end to the artificial conflict there and solve this artificial problem.” left behind by colonial industry”.