The Ministry of the Interior carries out a wide transition movement among the men of authority, including 1,819 (communication)

The Ministry of the Interior revealed that it has carried out a broad transition movement among the men of power, of whom there are 1,819, which represent 43 percent of the total number of members of this body that works in the territorial administration.

A statement from the Ministry of the Interior pointed out that this movement was prepared through the application of the 360-degree comprehensive evaluation and accompaniment system, which is based on a more valuable approach to human resources and a more objective approach to evaluation. profitability, making the citizen the focus of performance evaluation.

The same communication adds that this mechanism is based on field visits to the workplace of the man of power, carried out by committees in charge of holding a meeting to accompany the man of power and oral interviews with representatives of various actors related to his professional environment, including series leaders, subordinates and local security officials and foreign interests, but these interviews extend to broad segments of citizens, including public service, social, economic and elected actors, noting that they have benefited from this system During this year, it was known that it was applied for the first time to all the workers and regions of the Kingdom, more than 700 women and men of authority.

Through the implementation of eligibility criteria and comprehensive performance evaluation, this transition movement resulted in the promotion of a total of 315 women and men of authority in positions in the territorial administration, as well as in the central administration of the Ministry. inland. . During this transitional movement, the territorial administration was enriched by the new graduates of the Royal Institute of Territorial Administration, which amounted to 339.

The same source stressed that the Ministry of the Interior “will always seek, informed by the royal instructions, to dedicate an effective approach to modernizing the management of its human resources, based on ensuring strict compliance with standards of efficiency, merit and equal opportunities. in the performance of their duties”. positions of responsibility, and its purpose is to advance the work of the territorial administration, in accordance with an effective dynamic that makes the administration be at the service of the citizens, at the height of their needs and looking after their interests, that the King Mohammed VI has been standing out on all occasions as the most appropriate way to consolidate good territorial governance.