Three workers die asphyxiated in a coal pit in Jerada

Three workers suffocated to death in a coal mine shaft on Tuesday, according to authorities in Jerada province.

A source from the local authorities said in press releases that “three people died of asphyxiation with carbon dioxide, on Tuesday, inside a coal mining pit exploited by one of the legally established cooperatives.”

The rescue teams tried to rescue the three victims, aged 52, 44 and 43, “but their efforts were unsuccessful,” the source added to AFP, indicating that an investigation into the accident had been opened.

The city of Jerada witnessed a protest movement following the murder of two workers in abandoned coal pits in late 2017, which were being used illegally. The protests, which continued in 2018, demanded economic alternatives for the city’s inhabitants.

The authorities announced the closure of hundreds of illegal wells to extract coal in the region, and the granting of licenses and support to cooperatives to exploit wells legally.