China accused of enslaving Muslim minorities (report) – Hoy 24

A recent report issued by a United Nations independent expert revealed that Chinese authorities are forcing Muslim minorities in China’s Xinjiang region into forced labor in sectors such as agriculture and manufacturing, and this may amount to “slavery”. as a crime against humanity. ”, in the words of the report itself.

The report, released Tuesday by the United Nations special rapporteur on modern slavery Tomoya Obokata, drew criticism from Chinese authorities.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin on Wednesday accused Obokata of “slandering China and acting as a political tool for anti-China forces.”

The report spoke of the existence of centers where minorities are detained, alleging that they benefited from training, in order to impose forced labor on their members in various sectors, especially in industry and services.

The report also showed the existence of similar centers in Tibet in which “farmers, herdsmen and other village workers are transferred to low-skilled and low-paid jobs.”

China insists that the aforementioned vocational training centers in Xinjiang are aimed at combating extremism, as President Xi Jinping visited them last month and praised the “great progress” made in reform and development.

It should be noted that last May, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, concluded her 6-day visit to China, during which she visited the Xinjiang region.

Bachelet, at the time, emphasized that her visit “was not an investigation,” and she plans to publish a report on this issue before she resigns at the end of the month.