Dismantling of a gang that promoted “cocaine” in Marrakech, including a “taxi driver” – today 24

The anti-narcotics squad of the state security administration of the Judicial Police of Marrakech managed, this Tuesday, to arrest five people suspected of being involved in the possession and distribution of hard drugs, including an element against whom a search warrant was issued in the national level on charges of promoting hard drugs.

The arrest of the suspects occurred as an investment in truthful information about the prohibited activity of the detainees, since a first-class taxi driver was arrested in flagrante delicto at the height of the Al-Saada neighborhood in possession of five reels of “ “cocaine” prepared for promotion, a can of baking soda, money and a mobile phone that was used in the investigation, before the arrival of two associates and the seizure of 15 rolls of the same drug for promotion, while investigation proceedings were being carried out. judicial inspection in the The home of the detainees allowed them to seize an electronic scale, 22 additional rolls and two medium capsules of hard drugs.

The arrest also included another person in the act of possessing about two packages of the same drug intended for promotion.

To continue the search, we moved to one of the roundabouts adjoining the city of Marrakech, where a fifth person at the national level was arrested for promoting strong drugs, an additional quantity of drugs was seized in his possession, being the total weight of what was seized amounted to about 270 grams of cocaine.

The detainees were subjected to the measures of alleged custody due to the need to search for them and bring them to justice.