Europe prevents the Moroccans of the world from returning to it with more than 3 liters of municipal oil and 2 kilos of couscous – today 24

“Meat, dairy products and their derivatives, vegetables, plants and trees” are some of the items that the port and airport authorities of Spain and other European countries prevented Moroccans from taking on their return to European countries where they met. reside.

The long list of these substances that are prohibited from entering the territory of the European Union includes exceptions for personal consumption in small quantities, such as olive oil within 3 liters and couscous within a maximum of two kilograms. .

Among the items that can only enter with conditions are plants, fruits, vegetables, flowers and seeds without a safety certificate.
These measures are intended, according to European media reports, to prevent the entry of animal diseases into Europe and to keep plant pests and diseases out of the territory of the European Union.

To avoid any collision between travelers and custodians in the transit centers, all supervisors of a transit operation from Morocco to Spain have been sent lists with information on the names of the articles whose entry into Europe is prohibited.
According to the expectations of the Tanger Med Port Directorate, the departure in “Operation Hello” will reach its peak during the last week of this month.