Jannat plays the role of a businesswoman in her new song “Arif who loves you” – today 24

After a long absence, the Moroccan singer Jannat Mhaid premiered her new song, “Arif who loves you”, as a video clip on the producer’s official channel, “Life Styles Studios”.

Jannat collaborated for the first time with the production company “Life Styles Studio” on her new song “Arif who loves you”, while the artistic direction was carried out by Lebanese director Fadi Haddad, and the song in Egyptian dialect was written by Mohamed Rifai, composed by Ahmed Zaim and distributed by Sherif Qassem.

The artist, Jannat, appeared in the video clip of her new song in the role of a real estate businesswoman, and presented her audience with more than one style and a different and innovative look.

The song “Arif who loves you” came with a fast romantic lyrical form, and the lyrical text dealt with poetic images of love, and the melody and musical arrangement formed an integration and depth of the song that came with this musical composition close to the listener

The new song by Moroccan artist Jannat achieved more than 158,000 views on the producer’s official channel, on the YouTube video upload site, in less than a day after its release.

Jannat was eager to thrill her fans before discovering her new job by revealing some features of her new song video clip, as she appeared in a romantic setting, wore a black dress, played in the pool water, and expressed the happiness she felt. experiment. her while she was filming the video clips.