Khadija Al-Baidawia was taken to the emergency room after her health condition deteriorated – today 24

“Al-Youm 24” learned from a source close to the artist, Khadija Al-Baydaweya, that her health was deteriorating day by day, and that, on Monday, she was rushed to the hospital after losing consciousness, and returned home after that.

The aforementioned artist, according to the same source, “cannot speak”, noting that she asks her audience to pray for her to overcome this health malaise.

And the Moroccan artist, Mohamed El-Khiari, had previously made his call for cooperation and assistance to the popular artist Khadija El-Baydaouia, who is fighting cancer without the attention of the competent authorities, as he announced that he would be the first to contribute some money to help her with treatment.

Khadija Al-Baidawia appeared in an image that moved her followers and fans, as she looked sick and her health was deteriorating, which led Al-Khiari to write a post through her “Facebook” account asking her peers artists and producers who contribute something. money to help her treat and get through her health ordeal.