Resumption of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel

After years of tension between the two countries, Turkey and Israel announced today, Wednesday, the resumption of their full diplomatic relations and the exchange of ambassadors.

Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu said at a press conference that “Turkey will continue to defend the rights of Palestine”, reiterating what was said a few days ago, that “his country has started the process of normalizing relations with Israel and Egypt, a process that does not mean that Ankara disregard its principles, especially as regards the Palestinian question and Jerusalem.

It is worth noting that when Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid visited Turkey last March, he announced “the re-election of ambassadors again.” However, according to Davutoglu, “now Israel is on the verge of elections and I don’t know if the appointment of ambassadors will take place sooner or later,” adding that this step must be on both sides at the same time.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid’s office issued a statement saying: “It was decided once again to raise the level of relations between the two countries to the level of full diplomatic relations and to return the ambassadors and consuls general of the two countries”.