Tunisia… Approval of the new draft constitution with 94.6 percent of the votes, according to the High Electoral Authority – Today 24

The High Independent Authority for Elections in Tunisia announced, on Tuesday night, the adoption of the new draft constitution, which was submitted to a referendum on July 25, with 94.6 percent of the votes, after it was decide all judicial appeals.

The head of the commission, Farouk Bouaskar, confirmed during a press conference that the commission’s council “accepted” the draft text of the new constitution for the republic, which was submitted to a referendum in Tunisia and abroad. Vote No on this text”, after completing all the stages of litigation for the parties that challenged the preliminary results of the vote, which were announced on July 26.

He explained that the electoral infractions and crimes were sent to the Judiciary, which assured that “they never affected the results of the voting processes,” and stressed that the Administrative Judiciary confirmed the integrity of the referendum process, which was monitored by seven thousand observers. . .

According to Bouaskar, the new constitution will come into force from today after it is signed by President Kais Saied and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Tunisia.

The head of the commission stressed that the referendum voting process, in which two million 800 thousand voters participated, was carried out in a “fair and transparent” manner.

The commission had assigned more than 11,000 polling stations for the referendum process, including more than 200 offices outside Tunisia and in 46 countries.