26 dead and dozens injured in widespread fires in Algerian forests – Today 24

Twenty-six people died and dozens were injured in the forest fires that affected 14 regions of northern Algeria, Interior Minister Kamel Beldjoud announced, a new number of victims of the fires.

During the 8:00 p.m. news bulletin, Beljoud offered his condolences to the families of the victims of the fires, noting that “at the El Tarf state level, 24 victims were recorded and in Sétif state, two victims were recorded.”

An earlier issue of Civil Protection and the media had reported the death of two people.

Several people suffer burns or difficulty breathing, but the minister did not give a new balance of injuries.

An earlier Civil Protection report reported that four people had burns of various degrees and another 41 had difficulty breathing in the Souk Haras border area with Tunisia. Images taken in this area showed citizens fleeing their homes amid the fire.

Local media reported that 350 residents had been evacuated.

The media indicated that the roads were cut off and the fire was approaching some cities.

Civil Protection indicated that 39 fires are still ongoing in 14 provinces, and that the border province of Tarf with Tunisia also registered 16 fires. Helicopters intervened in three states, including the Harras market.

The Minister of the Interior explained that since the beginning of this month, 106 fires have broken out, destroying 800 hectares of forest and 1,800 hectares of land. The minister confirmed that some of these fires were caused.

With Wednesday’s death toll, the death toll from this summer’s wildfires has risen to 30.

Algeria’s forests extend over an area of ​​4.1 million hectares. The north of the country witnesses forest fires every year, and this phenomenon is increasing considerably due to climate changes.

The summer of the year 2021 was the most recorded for the number of deaths. At least 90 people died in the forest fires that hit the north of the country and destroyed more than 100,000 hectares of forest.