Despite the expansion of the Internet… Moroccans are the ones who most use securities in transactions in 2022 – Hoy 24

A new British report states that Morocco is one of the countries most dependent on values ​​in transactions, as citizens prefer cash payment to electronic solutions.

The report is based on a series of indicators to classify the countries in question, including the percentage of access to the Internet, the percentage of citizens who have a credit card, the number of electronic windows, the percentage of payments based on values, as well as the percentage of citizens who do not have a bank account.

The report, published by the Merchant Machine website, placed Morocco at the top of the 20 most securities-dependent countries, with 74 percent of payments relying on “cash,” in addition to 71 percent of citizens do not have a bank account of their own, and 0. Only 2 percent have credit cards.

The report indicates that the low use of electronic performance by Moroccans is not related to the degree of access to the Internet, which is available to the majority of the population at about 84 percent, which surprised the authors of the report. .

The report placed Morocco at the top of the list of most value-dependent countries in 2022, followed by Egypt in second place, and Kenya and Nigeria in third and fourth place, respectively.

Despite the great diffusion that electronic counters have experienced in recent years, the report records that their number is still limited compared to the population, since they do not exceed 29 counters per 100,000 adults.

On the other hand, Scandinavian countries led the non-monetary countries, with high rates of e-throughput use, as Norway came in first, followed by Finland, then New Zealand and Hong Kong in third and fourth, then Sweden. and Denmark in fifth and sixth place.