Elissa travels with her fans to the beautiful time with the song “Ana Wess” – today 24

Lebanese singer Elissa chose to premiere the song “Ana Wabas” from her new album, the day before yesterday, Tuesday, on her official channel on the YouTube video upload site.

And Elissa returned to the “style” of the nineties by filming a video clip of her new song, wearing old clothes and makeup that transported her viewers to the beautiful era, where she impressed some and criticized others for the different tastes of a person. to another.

The song “Ana Wa Bass” ranked third on the Tunisian list, thanks to its romantic lyrics written by Ahmed Madi and composed by Ziad Burji, while Tarek Tawakkul handled the musical arrangement, while director Angie Gamal took over his task.

The song “Ana Wabas” by the singer Elissa comes after the success of the duet “From the first minute” that she presented with the Moroccan star Saad Lamjarred, which achieved a high audience estimated at 220 million through YouTube.

Elissa experienced a state of artistic revival this summer by reviving concerts, the last of which was in Turkey, which witnessed the presence of a large number of the Arab community there.