France prepares for a series of strong storms – today 24

France is expected to witness severe thunderstorms after months of drought, causing flooding in many regions.

Meteorological authorities declared a state of alert in 13 regions, many of which are on the Mediterranean coasts, in the Lyon region (central east), Normandy (northwest) and on the northern coasts near Belgium.

The National Weather Service warned of “thunderstorms, with a level of between forty and sixty millimeters in a short time” on the coasts of Normandy and Pas de Calais.

The soil, hardened by the drought that hits France this summer, will not be able to absorb all the rain, which will facilitate flash floods.

At the moment, the rains have not caused victims, but they have caused disturbances in the movement of people, especially in the capital, Paris, where many closed metro stations were flooded.