Raissouni’s statements are denounced and have no credibility – Hoy 24

In the first official Mauritanian response to the statements attributed to the head of the Union of Muslim Scholars, Ahmed Raissouni, which caused great outrage in the Mauritanian media, the Minister of National Education and Reform of the Educational System, government spokesman, Mohamed Maa El – Enein Ould Ayeh, said yesterday, Wednesday: “These statements are deplorable. It is condemned and returned to its owner and to all those who touch it with any passion.”

The same minister, in response to a question during the press conference he held after the cabinet meeting in Nouakchott, stressed that these statements “are not based on any source, and contradict the historical and geographical evidence, and the laws and laws that govern the relationship. between countries.”

The same spokesman added that “there is nothing to give credibility to these statements under any pretext, and their owner has disavowed the cloak of wisdom and credibility.”

The aforementioned response was published by the Mauritanian News Agency, in the fifth paragraph of the press article dedicated to the coverage of the aforementioned press conference, and did not appear in the headline, which according to observers is probably not exaggerated in the media and try to close the file since it is issued by an intellectual and not by a political figure.

It is noteworthy that Raissouni, in his last clarification published yesterday Wednesday on his statements regarding the Maghreb and the Sahara, stressed that the independence of Mauritania has become a reality recognized worldwide and among the countries of the region, noting that ” the yearnings of the old unity and its renewed aspirations can only be achieved today in the rebirth of the Arab Maghreb Union and in moving its train”.

The same source also called on Algerian officials to leave Morocco to treat the conflict as an internal matter”, referring to the fabricated dispute over Moroccan Sahara, explaining that “for this reason, I called to allow Moroccan academics and preachers, and all Moroccans, to cross to the city of Tindouf and its camps, to communicate, dialogue and understand with their Moroccan Saharawi brothers detained there, about the unity and fraternity that unites us, and about the absurdity of the separatist project for which the Polisario Front is fighting, backed and led by the Algerian army.