Residents of Meknes protest against black powder – today 24

In a move that caught the attention of officials, citizens of the Basateen district of Meknes came out on Tuesday to protest emissions from a cannery.
The demonstrators raised slogans calling for the intervention of the responsible authorities to remove the damage to the neighbors of the orchards, and to interact with the complaints of the associative activities, especially since the situation has worsened and the black dust has invaded the residential neighborhood.
Dozens of citizens participated in the vigil, and their demand was united to remove the damage, and prevent the residents of the neighborhood from an environmental and health disaster.
Earlier, the residents of Al-Basateen came out to protest the lack of sports facilities, the cemetery and infrastructure, and demanded that the collective council fulfill its obligations towards this neighborhood, which was classified among the high-end neighborhoods in the Ismaili capital.