Textbook prices will not change during school entry – today 24

In order to guarantee the described, providing textbooks in a timely manner and in sufficient number in the next school year 2023-2022, and to avoid any increase in their prices, and in an effort to preserve the purchasing power of Moroccan families, the The Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports and the Ministry of Economy and Finance said they made a joint decision that provides for the assignment of a support mechanism to textbook publishers, after a series of consultations with the interministerial committee of prices.

By virtue of this joint decision, and to encourage schooling and combat school waste, direct financial support will be granted to publishers of textbooks aimed at the educational levels of primary and secondary schools that are produced during the year 2022, according to a list of certain textbooks. specified by the Ministry. The percentage of support has been limited to 25 percent of the price allocated for its sale, disbursing the compensation fund for this support, after studying the file of each publisher by the Ministry according to the number of books printed and distributed in 2022.

These procedures are intended, according to an official statement, to guarantee the stability of the prices of textbooks provided for the 2023-2022 school entry, knowing that schoolbooks are included in the list of goods, products and services whose prices are regulated according to the requirements of Law No. 12-104 related to freedom of prices and competition, and any illegal increase is framed within the Infractions sanctioned by law, since any change in their prices is subject to a special procedure and government approval.