Three Moroccan diplomats in Colombia were drugged and assaulted by two prostitutes – today 24

Three Moroccan diplomats working at the Moroccan Embassy in Colombia were robbed and assaulted by a gang made up of two women who drugged them.

According to Colombian media, the three diplomats took the two women, communicating with them via the Internet, to the apartment of one of them in the capital, Bogotá.

During the evening, the two women drugged the Moroccans with the drug “scopolamine”, which is a dangerous drug used by criminals, since it causes a state of epilepsy and loss of consciousness, with respiratory disorders.
The two attackers, according to Colombian media, stole phones and tablets from Moroccan diplomats.

One of the victims, according to a Colombian security official, is currently in the hospital to receive the necessary treatments, as a result of the complications of the anesthesia to which he was exposed by the aforementioned drug. It is also revealed that the diplomats were exposed to the poisoning.