Mirawi concludes a controversial contract with his colleague Wehbe’s law firm… Is this the reason for his anger? – day 24

The Minister of Higher Education, Abdellatif Mirawi, signed a controversial contract with the law firm owned by his colleague, the Minister of Justice Abdellatif Wahbi, Secretary General of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, in order to defend the interests of the ministry. Sources suggested that this contract was one of the files that angered Wehbe and Al-Mirawi.
According to sources, the law firm is currently run by the daughter of Abdel Latif Wehbe, after her father was appointed to a government position within Aziz Akhannouch’s government party.
Wehbe had moved his office to the villa where he lived in the Riyadh neighborhood of Rabat, and moved into functional accommodation in the capital.

A source from the Ministry of Higher Education defended the contract with Wehbe’s office saying that “it is not a problem” because his daughter is the one who runs it, and that the contract is for a “weak” amount that does not exceed 100,000 dirhams per year. . The source pointed out that the objective is to defend “the interests of the ministry well”, through a well-known law firm, with whom it is easy to communicate.
On the other hand, sources indicate that this deal between Mirawi and his colleague in the government and the party angered the higher parties, and may be one of the reasons why news of his removal was leaked in a government reshuffle that the French “John Afrique spoke, according to a source close to decision-making circles.