Sending of a central committee to investigate the fact of the deliberate contamination of Lake Marchica in the province of Nador (communiqué) – Today 24

A statement from the National Office of Electricity and Potable Water announced the dispatch of a central committee attached to the National Office of Electricity and Potable Water-Water Sector, on the instructions of its Director General, during the period from August 4 to 6 of 2022 for the Municipality of Nador to investigate and investigate the pollution of the lake waters of Lake Marchika, they tracked the status of all wastewater discharge points in the aforementioned lake. This is the committee that was dissolved in Nador, following the request of various city associations about the deliberate contamination of Lake Marchica.

The same communication clarified that after the various visits made by this committee to the different disposal points, it was found that no intentional discharge of wastewater or emission of any odor was observed at these points.

The office confirmed that the liquid disinfection teams of the National Electricity and Drinking Water Office remain full and spare no effort to monitor and manage the liquid disinfection service during the summer period, which is characterized by the influx of a very high number of visitors to the city of Nador.

At the same time, the interests of the office are constantly coordinating with the local authorities and the Agency for the Development of the Marchica Lake Site in Nador (AASLMN) to take the necessary measures to avoid any possible discharge into said lake, with the aim of preserving this lake. lake for its biological and ecological importance.

To accompany the socioeconomic development experienced by the Gran Nador region, the statement added, the office is implementing a major investment program aimed at improving and strengthening the liquid purification system at the Gran Nador level. construction of a new Bani Nassar activated sludge type wastewater treatment plant, Atalaion – Farkhana, with a capacity of 7,000 cubic meters per day, at a cost of more than 140 million dirhams, is currently in the process of completion the works, which will reduce the pressure in the liquid purification network, pumping stations and the liquid purification water treatment plant in Nador.

The liquid purification network has also been rehabilitated and the performance of the current wastewater treatment plant in Nador has been rehabilitated, at a cost of more than 55 million dirhams, and the corresponding works that will improve the performance of existing liquid purification facilities and increase the capacity of the wastewater treatment plant.