The continuous decrease in the quota of each individual who enters Morocco at the scene of the crisis of water resources – today 24

Digital indicators related to the water situation in Morocco revealed the continuous decrease in the quota of water available to the individual, indicating that the Kingdom in general has entered a difficult stage.

In this regard, the Director of Operations of the company “Amandis”, Rachid Al-Amari, revealed, in statements to the official news agency, on the sidelines of a communication meeting organized in the city of Tetouan on “the problems related to the shortage of water at the regional level of Tetouan and Al-Madiq-Fnideq”, gathered the heads of the company authorized to manage the water sector. Electricity, liquid disinfection and civil society associations pointed out that despite the initiatives and efforts made to deal with the effects of the drought, the current situation remains “difficult and worrying”, and water stress has become a a reality and constitutes a structural and structural phenomenon that requires the responsible involvement of all actors to take exceptional and practical measures in the short and medium term. far.

Al-Ammari added that the proportion of water available to the individual is constantly decreasing, having gone from about 2,500 cubic meters per person in 1960 to 1,000 cubic meters in 2000, and is currently in the range of 600 cubic meters, and if Si If the situation continues like this, we will reach the threshold of 500 cubic meters per person, considering that this fact indicates the real entry into the “water resources crisis stage”.

The same official said that since his respective institution operates in the field of public water and sanitation services and in line with the national effort to combat water stress, it has drawn up a detailed work plan aimed at managing water scarcity in the ground area. of delegated management, with the aim of improving the efficiency of the water network, by increasing the capacity to search for leaks by strengthening the teams dedicated to this process, with the use of efficient and innovative techniques, in addition to accelerating the rate of renewal of the channel.

Regarding the recycling of wastewater, the same official confirmed that the company worked on the implementation of a plan that aims to reuse wastewater as an alternative to the previous use of drinking water for the irrigation of green spaces, in addition to some tourist facilities. and sports.This year, a project was developed to expand a network linked to the green spaces of Tetouan, which was carried out in a short time that did not exceed two months, between the completion of the studies, the announcement of agreements and completion of works.

Al-Ammari stressed that his institution has developed an awareness system to motivate various categories of clients to rationally manage water resources and avoid excessive consumption, relying on various media, disseminating awareness messages and awareness videos through screens installed in various agencies of the company. , and include environmental messages and signs in consumption bills in the form of advice on the proper ways to use water, and organize periodic campaigns through SMS and email, in addition to launching an awareness program for students from institutions public.