The inauguration of a new barracks for the Royal Gendarmerie in the front area – today 24

The vale of the region of Tangier-Tetouan-Alhucemas, Mohamed Mahdia, today gave the beginning of the works of the new headquarters of the Royal Gendarmerie, which is being built in the department of the front, attached to the territorial influence of the province of Chefchaouen .

The construction of the Royal Gendarmerie barracks, which was supervised by the Agency for the Development of the Northern Provinces in collaboration with the employment of the province of Chefchaouen, is part of the development program of the Front Department groups in the Chefchaouen province, in compliance with royal directives.

The opening ceremony of the royal gendarmerie barracks in particular, according to an official statement, was attended by Mohamed Elmi Wadan, a worker from the province of Chefchaouen, director general of the North Regional Development Agency, Mounir Al-Bouisfi, regional commander of the royal gendarmerie, Colonel Hisham Matoush and various officials and dignitaries.

The Royal Gendarmerie Barracks is located at the entrance to the front of the Tetouan side, it was built in an area of ​​467 square meters and includes a set of administrative facilities on a two-level level. The construction and equipping of this facility required a financial endowment of 5.8 million dirhams.

The establishment of this new Royal Gendarmerie barracks will strengthen the security of the frontline area, which is undergoing major urban development thanks to the multisectoral program to develop frontline department groups, launched in 2019 by King Mohammed VI, with the aim of developing emerging rural nuclei.