A gang assaults a money transfer agency in Tamansourt – today 24

Today, Friday, the city of Tamansourt is in a state of security alert, after a money transfer agency was violently assaulted by gang members.

According to the data available at the scene, two people, one of them armed with a large sword, surprised the woman using the aforementioned agency, and under threat of a knife, they stole her mobile phone and a significant amount of money. before running away.

The incident mobilized the interests of the Royal Gendarmerie of Tamansurt, elements of the Marrakech Judicial Center and the Judicial Diagnosis Squad, under the direct supervision of the regional commander of the Royal Gendarmerie, who moved to the site, where investigations and investigations are carried out. scientific. and technical skills were carried out and the cameras were downloaded, in order to identify the perpetrators and arrest them.